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Casual Style Custom Sofas

Custom Sofas

(Casual) Style Custom Sofas and Sectionals

Our largest sofa category, Casual style sofas focus on comfort. The numerous practical designs add ease to customization.

Alamo Alandra Allegro
Alamo Sofa
Alandra Sofa
Allegro Sofas & Sectional

Allison April Forest
Allison Sofa
April Sofa
Forest Sofa & Chair

Austin Avalon Barringon
Austin Sofa
Avalon Sofa
Barrington Sofa

Belinda Bethany Bradford
Belinda Sectional
Bethany Sectional
Bradford Sofa

Braxton Brentwood Clifford
Braxton Sectional
Brentwood Sofa
Clifford Sofa

Cambridge Caravan Cosmopolitan
Cambridge Sectional
Caravan Sofa
Cosmopolitan Sectional

Charles Cindy Claremont
Charles Sofa & Chair
Cindy Sofa
Claremont Sectional

Clarissa Clayton Davenport
Clarissa Sofa
Clayton Sectional
Davenport Sectional

Dawson Darwen Domino
Dawsen Sofa
Darwen Sofa
Domino Sectional & Chair

Express Dillon Germany
Express Sofa
Dillon Sofa
Germany Sectional

Pearce Graham Heather
Pearce Sofa
Graham Sofa
Heather Sectional

Houston Imperial Irlanda
Houston Sofa
Imperial Sectional
Irlanda Sofa

Jericho Kenneth Lennon
Jericho Sofa
Kenneth Sofa
Lennon Sofa

Levi Lismore Lokport
Levi Sofa
Lismore Sofa
Lokport Sofa

Malaga Maliford Mandalay
Malaga Sectional
Maliford Sofa Loveseat Chair
Mandalay Sofa

Marcela Maxine Miami
Marcela Sofa
Maxine Sectional
Miami Sectional

Moldova Monaco Mornovia
Moldova Sectional
Monaco Sectional
Mornovia Sofa

Natasha Orlando Parkview
Natasha Sectional
Orlando Sectional
Parkview Sofa

Prado Raquel Republic
Prado Sectional
Raquel Sectional
Republic Sectional

Rochester Santander Sweden
Rochester Sectional
Santander Sofa
Sweden Sectional

Sylmar Washington Verona
Sylmar Sectional
Washington Sectional
Verona Sectional

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