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Modern Style Custom Sofas

Custom Sofas

(Modern) Style Custom Sofas and Sectionals

Modern style sofas are mostly designs of the last two decades right up through the contemporary designs of present day. Modern designs include today's hottest styles!

Bellagio Bennett Beijing
Bellagio Sectional
Bennett Sofa & Chair
Beijing Sofa

Christian Croften Dana Point
Christian Sofa
Croften Sofa
Dana Point Sectional

Easton Francine Julian
Easton Sofa
Francine Sectional
Julian Sofa

Kingston Larry Leanna
Kingston Modular
Larry Sofa, Chaise & Chair
Leanna Sofa

Lincoln Makenna Modena
Lincoln Sofa & Chair
Makenna Sofa
Modena Sofa

Murrieta Ortega Princeton
Murrieta Sofa & Chair
Ortega Sectional
Princeton Sectional

Palisades Portofino Raymond
Palisades Sectional
Portofino Sectional
Raymond Sectional

Rochelle Sasha Shoreline
Rochelle Sofa
Sasha Sectional
Shoreline Sofa

Singapore Sectional

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