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Custom Sofas


If you like to change your style from time to time, and the ease of cleanup, then our machine-washable slipcover sofas are definitely what you are looking for! With a variety of different colors, fabrics, and sizes to choose from your options are limitless. Swapping slipcovers can be done within minutes. Change the cover with the season, or for any special occasion!

Amapola Birmingham California
Amapola Sofa
California Sofa Group

Diamond Feldman Gibson
Diamond Sectional
Feldman Sofa
Gibson Sofa

Ramada Harbor Jasper
Ramada Sofa
Harbor Sofa
Jasper Sofa

Keywest Kimberly Leanna
  Keywest Sofa
Kimberly Sectional 
Leanna Sofa

Madelynne Manhattan Marcos
  Madelynne Sofa
Manhattan Sofa 
Marcos Sofa

McKinley Merlot Trisha
  McKinley Sofa
Merlot Sofa Group 
Trisha Sofa Slipcover

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