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Traditional Style Custom Sofas

Custom Sofas

(Traditional) Style Custom Sofas and Sectionals

Traditional style sofas include styles from the early 20th century and prior. We can customize these to fit your room theme, whatever it may be. Classic styling, rolled arms, wood accents and intricate details are just a few traditional characteristics.

Alaska Azure Baltimore
Alaska Sofa
Azure Loveseat
Baltimore Sofa Group

  Bennington Bombay
Bennington Sectional
Bombay Sofa

Bristol Curtis Chelsea
Bristol Sofa
Curtis Sofa & Chair
Chelsea Sofa

Colleen Cupid Daytona
Colleen Sofa
Cupid Sofa
Daytona Sofa

Empire Fillmore Falcon
Empire Sectional
Fillmore Sectional
Falcon Sofa

Fremont Gardner Genesis
Fremont Sofa & Chair
Gardner Sofa
Genesis Sectional & Chair

Gibson Grecia Halifax
Gibson Sofa
Grecia Sofa Slipcover
Halifax Sofa

Hampshire Hannah Harrison
Hampshire Sofa
Hannah Sofa & Chair
Harrison Sectional

  Jasper Johnson
Jasper Sofa Slipcover
Johnson Sofa

Journey Lafayette Legacy
Journey Sofa
Lafayette Sectional
Legacy Sofa

Liam Manchester Memphis
Liam Sofa
Manchester Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman
Memphis Sofa

Marriot Melrose Montgomery
Marriot Sofa
Melrose Sofa
Montgomery Sectional

Pavillion Palmer Paris
Pavillion Sofa
Palmer Sofa
Paris Sofa & Sectional

Potomac Quebec Reagan
Potomac Sofa
Quebec Sofa
Reagan Sofa

Regency Sandy Seville
Regency Sofa with and without arms
Sandy Sofa
Seville Loveseat

Stacey Sullivan Sunset
Stacey Sofa
Sullivan Sofa
Sunset Sofa & Chair

Thompson Topeka Tuscany
Thompson Sofa
Topeka Sofa
Tuscany Sofa

Virginia Windsor  
Virginia Sofa
Windsor Sofa

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